Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I write about is dresses

I'm sorry, but I did state clearly when I started that this was a vent source for me. I have tried in vain for days to keep it all bottled up, but as a result, I've had a headache for three days...

So get over it, or walk away. Not to be combative, but just to make you aware that I'm going to talk about dresses again!

So, as I promised, I am going to talk about my fantastic trip up to NYC with all my important ladies. And THANK YOU sooooo much to all my ladies that made it out. As the trip at one point looked like it was going to be an abysmal failure, it couldn't have turned out better in the end: My mom and sister were able to make it, Kyle's mom, and my other two bridesmaids Mia and Keri all made it!! I bought us all bus tickets (Thank you Greyhound!!! Not only were they cheap cheap cheap, but they were remarkably on time, we even got home at night 15 minutes early!!) and Keri made us a subway schedule. When I first met Keri, I would have laughed at her for this, not hurtfully, but she's very type A and Mia and I are type Bs about most things. But since I've known Keri, she's helped me to realize that the type A that's buried inside me is OK to be let out of her cage every now and then!

So thanks to Keri for scheduling our subway trips, because the success of getting to and fro on this day was obvious. Thanks to Mia for coming even though she was up the entire night previous writing a paper. Thanks to my mom and sister for driving to Philly Friday night even though they had just finished driving 6 hours from Virginia Tech where my sister had just finished for Christmas break! Thanks to Kyle's mom for coming just because I'm not her daughter! I was very happy to have her support considering the fact that she really didn't have to come.

So, thanks to the New York subway system, we made it to Kleinfeld's in plenty of time:

I really wanted a picture of all of us, but no one could figure out who was going to hold the camera... This whole day was such a hen party it was hysterical!

Anyway, I'm not even going to waste a lot of time talking about Kleinfeld's. My love for Kleinfeld's began because I didn't know anything else existed, so all of a sudden, and very quickly, I realized that their collection was either full of cheap crap, or full of $25,000 dresses.

The store was packed so we couldn't hear each other talk. We had to share pedestals so half the time, I couldn't even display the dresses because I didn't have any room to stand. And as soon as my consultant (who shall remain nameless, particularly because she's on TV) realized that I was not going to buy her $8000 dresses, she became impatient and restless and short and kind of rude to my entourage... There were cameras swarming all over the place. I actually walked past Randy and Nicole at one point and they were whispering conspiratorially but a camera was smack in their faces. It was all very staged and dramatic. It was worth the experience but definitely not worth a trip back.

It was craziness there!!! We got a peak though at all sorts of famous people!! Co-owner Mara, Fashion director Randy, looking fabulous and adorable... Lots and lots of camera people

We found a couple dresses that looked nice but I didn't like them enough or they were too expensive:

Hey baby! I'm about so show more wedding dress pictures!

While these are not dresses I have any intention of buying, I'd like to continue our tradition of keeping all wedding dress peaking to a negative!

So go away, but I love you!!


Does it even matter who they're by?? I had an epiphany while trying on the first one: It was really cool looking, the taffeta in general is just... cool. But it crinkles and is stiff like paper. I remembered all the fashion shows Kyle and I watched together (because he is a fantastic man that watches all my reality shows with me!) and he always expressed a hatred of the papery, crinkly-looking taffeta and or silk. And I've always had my reservations about it because it doesn't flow, so why are we even still talking about it?!?!

We had a nice lunch at a place called E.A.T. on Madison Ave. They had $16 grilled cheese sandwiches... $18 if you wanted ham on it. But it was warm and cozy and amazingly not crowded. And then the moment arrived... we get to Vera Wang's flagship store:

Eeeeee!!! I was so excited!!

This was my first excursion into Veraland. I had no idea if I was going to like anything. Her designs are like works of art in that they are very unique and artistic, but were they too 'out there'?

Umm, no, they were fantastic of course. They felt phenomenal, they were so comfy and not too heavy but also not too insubstantial or lightweight. I like to feel that the dress is on me, you know? I learned this about myself right off the bat, all the dresses that I was liking were really heavy. I mean, the wedding is on November 25th. I bet it'll be cold.

However, there is still debate, and I'm not posting any pictures because of stupid wedding karma superstitions. It's down to a choice between three: The Diana, the Diedre, and the Erica. My three leading ladies!

I'm so in love with all three!!! A quick breakdown: Most of my entourage felt that the skirt on the Diana was too big, but I think I'm coming around to it, I have narrow hips and broader shoulders, I'm trying to balance my body shape out. Also, the Diana is the only one with a modified sweetheart, which I really wanted. The Diedre bodice made my bosoms look great; by great I mean modestly perky, they weren't all out on display but they were held up really well and it was tummy flattering. However, it didn't move nearly as beautifully as the other two. The Erica was at first my absolute favorite, but I've since come to hesitate because the top did not look good on me. It made me look too top heavy and made it look like I was going to pop out. The bottom though was simply gorgeous and it made my butt look adorable. But the whole ratio thing again; I have narrower hips than shoulders, I'm worried that a mermaid gown makes me look top heavy, because there's so much going on up top there (boobs).

Even if I were to show pictures, because Keri had to be sneaky with the camera, they don't do my agonizing justice. But from what I've just said, how the hell do I choose?!?!?! They're all equally expensive, but the Saks in Chevy Chase has a sample for sale of Diana. If I were to choose it, wouldn't that be a nice little chunk of saved change? Just food for thought. Again, I also don't want to just pick the cheapest... but when you're looking at as much money as I'm thinking of throwing down, and really all of them are great and could equally be the one, then hello! Sample for sale! Go buy it!!!

We'll see, these are the thoughts running through my head... constantly... so if you've made it this far, thanks for reading, and HELP ME!!!!

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