Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rings on our fingers

And maybe bells on our toes?? Well, I'll put bells on my toes, but that's beside the point!

I want to talk about wedding bands!!!

First it's necessary to take into account my engagement ring:
It is a marquise cut prong set diamond in a round diamond bar setting.

Now I must admit I was nervous about this upon really examining it after the initial shock wore off. Why?? Because I had never, ever seen a ring with side stones in a bar setting. I felt awful inside for even thinking this way. I asked myself "Don't you love it??? How horrible a person would you be if you didn't love it?!?!"

Kyle kept saying that if I didn't like the setting we would go straight back to the jewelry store and get it changed. This of course made me feel worse, that I was making him think I didn't like it... I love it! I do! But it took me a few days to get over the shock and then to recognize that I was just unfamiliar with the style.

Then, out of nowhere, it hit me, like a ton of bricks, the biggest "DUH!!" moment:

No one else has this ring, I've never seen anyone else with a ring even remotely like this. This is my ring! He had to custom made for me! And the process of falling in love happened all over again... and it's soooo shiny!! It's near colorless so that's why it's so shiny, he done good! So now I love my ring even more than I did upon first glancing at it in it's velvety black box. It's unique, it's special!

Now, bearing this in mind, we move on to considering wedding bands. I had initially said I was perfectly content with a plain band, and I would still be happy with whatever he is willing and able to get me, because he is also paying for that majority of the honeymoon and using his miles for our plane tickets. This makes me feel squirms of guilt on the inside. Really uncomfortable squirms of guilt. But I just don't have the funds to help as much as I would like, so I've been trying to convince him that we should go to Puerto Rico instead of Hawaii, go with white gold instead of platinum, and get plain wedding bands instead of fancy ones.

Either he thought I was lying or being too humble, he convinced me to look at and consider every type of wedding band. And I stumbled across this:

And I thought "*Gasp* this goes perfectly with my engagement ring!" The band itself (I don't like those rounded edges ones) and the bar setting of round diamonds. Also, the five stones is neatly wider than the three stone setting on my engagement ring, it will round the whole thing out as if it's cradling the engagement ring... if that makes any sense (it does in my head of course)... here, just look at it:

Please don't make fun, I suck at photoshop. This is the most advanced thing I've ever done on photoshop! Please no one leave comments about how I could have done this better, because Keri already lectured me and I was like "whaaaaaa?????"

Anyway, not the point. I'm very appreciative of symmetry and cohesion, I think these two fit really well together. Ah, and something that's not communicated by this photo, the marquise diamond sits really high up on the setting, the band will most likely clear it, nevertheless, a small detail that will have to be taken into account. I really don't want to have to get one of those curvy wedding bands.

The main point is that I'm worried about it being too expensive, because I don't need a wedding band with diamonds in it! But I also can't pretend I don't really like this, and whenever Kyle forces me to tell him what I'd prefer, he always gets it for me... I'm very spoiled, but not without guilt.

Even more so, I felt guilty when I found out that the wedding band he wants is extremely inexpensive. He has a love of unbreakable things, so he wants tungsten carbide:

And I love the brushed look and the beveled edges. His biggest dilemma is whether or not to get this one or this one:

This one still has the brushed front and beveled edges, but it's all mysterious and sexy and black. It's also unique and a really nice contrast between my ring and I really really like it and I'm all for it! But like I said, it makes me feel guilty because tungsten carbide; which is a ceramic capable of grinding diamond, is surprisingly inexpensive. Whereas platinum with diamonds is not...

Can I offer to chip in for my own wedding band? I should think so, even though he probably won't let me, I think I will anyway...

So does everyone like? We don't have to think about any of this for about 6 months, but it's fun to talk about it now!

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