Friday, December 10, 2010

A few thoughts

I completely skipped over the whole ONE YEAR mark!! It was over Thanksgiving and so I was busy visiting family, but... ummmmm... WE'VE GOT ONE YEAR!!! Less now of course, only about 350 days!! I'm super pumped about that. Now, when I want to make decisions or buy things for decoration I no longer have to use the argument "No, you're still more than a year out" I am now officially LESS than a year out!!!!!

DJ and Save the Dates are the next items I am going to start thinking about... And possibly a duet/trio/quartet for the ceremony, if we can fit it in the budget... That's right, I said a while back I would post about budget, and I will, soon.

I am super super super super pumped about our upcoming trip to New York, it looks like everyone might be coming now, because my mom and sister don't want to miss it... and I of course don't want them to miss it, but here was my convo with Kyle:

"My mom and sister aren't coming :("

"Aww, I'm sorry, Kid, you'll see them soon though, it's only a week before Christmas, and I'm sure Mia will be able to sneak some pictures of you like she did in the Maryland salon"

"Yeah, I know, but what if I find the one and my mama isn't there??"


"...Well, at least we now have places for everyone to sleep..." (with Kyle's mom and her boyfriend, our friends Mia and Dan, and our roommate Kenny... and the dog, it was already going to be a very tight squeeze at our Philly townhouse that weekend).

Then, Mom said they would try to come, so the convo went like this:

"Hey baby!!! My mom and Jordan might come after all!!!"

"Great. Where's everyone sleeping?"


Anyway, there's room, Kyle and I will have to take the love seat and couch though... When Kyle and I moved to Philly, we had three bedrooms, so my parents gave us MINE and MY SISTER'S old bunk beds for our guest or spare bedroom... Hey Mama, guess where you're sleeping next weekend *wicked grin*

Lastly, I need a touch of advice. I really like this blog, I've had a good time venting at it. I also really like the way my pages are coming together though. I really like our About Us page and I worked really hard on that Directions page. Anyway, point is, can I make this my wedding website when I finally send out StDs??? It has all the info a "real" wedding website would have, plus I've seen those wedding websites... I hate them, I like this one... Someone please tell me I can make this my wedding website...

Back to work!!

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