Monday, December 20, 2010

One more reason to hate Mondays!!

No one in the wedding business is open!!!!! I do most of my calls and catching up on Mondays because I think too much during the weekend and then have to make all sorts of calls and things Monday morning. Well, no bridal salon I have ever encountered is open early. Period, and most aren't even open on Mondays!!!

I will briefly explain why this irks me:

I went to Kleinfeld's and Vera Wang in NYC this weekend (whoopie!!) and I am not going to talk about that trip right now because we have pictures but I don't have them in my possession at this second, so when I get those pictures on my computer, I will do a whole post! I think I found the dress, and you won't have to guess too hard to figure out where I found it...

All I have to say is... Vera is super dee duper expensive. Too expensive?? Kyle thinks no, and offered to pay half, or at least put it on his credit card (better APRs) and pretend to let me pay him back. So, when I say I think I found the dress, oh, I found the dress, but deciding to throw this much money down is a huge huge decision. And because it's such a huge decision, I keep making up reasons why the dress is not perfect (it is... *But I wanted a modified sweetheart neckline and the color isn't ivory enough and man wouldn't it be gorgeous with straps*)

*waffling voice

This brings me to my anger with Mondays! I had discovered long ago and then rediscovered this weekend after the NYC trip a few Enzoani gowns:

Oh, but first:

Sorry Kyle, please go away unless you want to potentially ruin my surprise.

And I know you don't want to do that.

Anywho, here is the Enzoani gown:

It has the same effect in the skirt as the Vera Wang gowns and a few of the other Enzoani gowns have this effect in some form or other as well. So I thought, well, just to explore all avenues, and because Enzoani is about a third the cost of Vera, maybe I should try them on.

Well, at almost the same time, I was formulating a plan to try to get a Vera dress a little less expensive by going to a salon that does not exclusively sell Vera Wang dresses (important note: the consultant at the Vera Wang flagship store told me a neckline couldn't be changed because "Vera does not like the way it looks"... obviously they're on a tighter leash at her own store and the sun shines out of Vera Wang's genius butt) because they'll be more willing to negotiate because for them, any sale is better than no sale... Vera's not hurting... by the way, that quote is an exact quote from an e-mail I got from my consultant...

If nothing else, I have no qualms being sneaky and shrewd: "Well, another store offered me less... what can you do for me??" HELLO!! This is a service industry! We do not exist to serve Vera, Vera exists to serve US!! All I want is a little business respect, think what you will.

ANYWAY! I found out this morning that the only other store outside NYC that's at all close to me that sells Vera Wang dresses and also sells Enzoani is the store in Jersey... Yeah, the same one that I had to call to see if they had the new collection of Vera dresses in yet and they didn't! I've got to go crawling back to them again as soon as they have the Spring 2011 Vera line so I can try on those dresses I loved again plus the Enzoani dresses.

Ok, a drive into Jersey sucks, you say, but why so angry?? THEY'RE CLOSED ON MONDAYS!!!!!

I called today all excited, ready to plan a little calming two hour drive into the armpit of America, hopefully find the dress of my dreams (one way or another) for a steal, and they're closed... so now I have to wait till tomorrow...

...   ...........    ....       ........

Well, maybe this wouldn't set you on edge, but I'm dying. Tomorrow?!?! I want to schedule an appointment now!!! What does the wedding industry have against Mondays?!?!

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