Friday, December 17, 2010

Save money save money!

I would like to introduce everyone to my new favorite thing!!

Saving on crafts!!! I found this website completely serendipitously: I saw a blog post about balsa wood flowers... interesting, those were cool looking:

And so just for fun I looked up balsa wood flowers on google (also known as sola and tapioca wood, oddly enough) and low and behold I found the save-on-crafts website. It's basically an online Michael's or Joann's but with a lot more stuff... I love the internet. I started randomly flipping through and found some cool stuff... not stuff I had pictured, but very cool stuff nonetheless:


Did not even know that roses could be chocolate! Don't these two look awesome next to each other?!


These will add a very nice splash of color, I love the velvety, swirly celosia and those rose petals are about $8 for 5 cups!


Ah yes, of course, what we actually started looking for! Lovely balsa wood flowers!! Aren't they sweet?!?!

I absolutely love the cake up top there, love love love it!! Then when I saw the preserved champagne and chocolate roses together, I thought to myself "... This is amazing!" in an awed voice, I almost got teary eyed. Champagne or ivory and chocolate are two of my colors, throw in a burgundy and I think you have a very nice well-rounded color scheme, and preserved or wood flowers makes it feel more down-home-on-the-farm! But there was more!!!

Everything to make the centerpieces and accents I have been thinking off. I would love to put our cake on a wood base! It was one of the first things I saw when I started using blogs for inspiration! I also love the driftwood as a candle holder, or if no candles, just something for the middle of the table... although I picture this more for long tables than round ones... maybe, maybe not.

The wood bases were $13, the wheat stalks (something like 30 in a bunch) were around $10. I was astounded!

The moss comes in 7 pound bags! for around $15!! And then I found this glass vase for terrariums with succulents!! But wait! there's more!

 I wanted pussywillows, but these tallow berries are still adorable!

Can't forget preserved rose leaves for body and verdancy! haha, don't know where verdancy came from... they're green!

Get it??


They also had all the feathers I've been thinking of and a nice selection of feather hair accessories should I choose to go that route.

They had some really cheap feather boas too! heehee


All the little details I've been contemplating. That twine... actually comes with the hanger!! How cute! Those chalkboards are $13 for 6!! and the burlap is 10 yards for $11!!!

So, I just COULD NOT pass up the opportunity to let absolutely everyone in on this. I am not that selfish, everyone needs to know about this!!! So, what's the point?? I still haven't 100% ruled out DIY flowers or at the very least DIY centerpieces. The price of these products (I forgot to mention, the preserved roses aren't cheap, but not horrible. And of course they're preserved, so they last, so that to mean equals worth-more-money) is great and I can do the work whenever because everything is preserved or otherwise not alive. Also, everything was homey without looking kitchy or yard sale-like. And of course, the end all be all: I don't have to go running around to store after store.

I do so love the internet!!

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