Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yay Germany!!!

So, This gigantic envelope got caught in my mailbox the other day... I was about the be really ticked as I yanked it out, but then I saw the label!!!


It's from Gmund!!

It's my Gmund samples!!!

Check out this label:
Sorry, I know it's out of focus, but more importantly, it cost 6 Euros to ship, and they charged me nothing!

I don't know about the quality of this either, but here's my samples:
So I misspoke a couple posts ago when I said I got Bier Papier in Ale, I got a dark shade in Die Naturlichen instead, that must have been last minute. Here is my assessment!! I love the Savanna but I can't see where I would use it... I don't have woodgrain anything else. I just think it's cool! Kyle loves the Lager Bier Papier. He says it's because of the color, he may be telling the truth. It was the best color, but it had these little dots in it that's supposed to be little bits of grains or hops, which is cool, but kind of just looks like little dots. I fell in love with the Federn (the top one). It's not the color I would want because it's a bit too white, but it has all these little fuzzies and irregular bits and pieces that make it look much more like homemade paper:

Hard to see here of course, they're tiny bits of fuzz and whatnot! but trust me, it's really cool.

Oh, and the Torf (the middle one)? Just brown construction paper as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway! The point is I got my paper samples!! The paper feels fantastic, which is not at all important but worth noting I guess; an excuse to charge so much normally, I guess. Each sheet costs 1 Euro. I would need... over 100 sheets... Anyway, not important because this was just to give me an idea AND an excuse to finally use my stamps and play with some invitation ideas! As soon as I get a free second (ummm, I mean apart from having time enough to blog) I will make a mock invitation and scan it in!!

Aren't you excited?!?!?! I'm so excited I could just go home and take a nap!

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