Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The last (hopefully) wedding dress trip

As promised, I said I would post about this past weekend's trip up to a bridal shop that carried Vera Wang dresses. Well folks, I've never been more disappointed in pretty much ever!

I wish I could post the name of the shop, and I'm sure I could without suffering any repercussions, but as the people working there were nice, I wouldn't blast the whole shop all around. They had about 4 Vera Wang dresses and NONE OF THEM were the designs I was looking for. The consultant said "oh, all those designs are at our other location"... now, the website clearly stated that Vera Wang was only at this location, that I drove an hour to... in New Jersey, and got lost along the way trying to find. No, apparently I had to drive another 45 minutes out of my way to get to the shop that carried the designs I was looking for. Sooooo, so as not to have wasted an entire day, I called the other location and said "do. you. have. these. specific. designs??" and they did not have them... Now, maybe I'm being a snob, but for an industry that prides itself on being a year ahead of the times, how do you not have Spring 2011 fashions in yet?? Spring 2011 is, like, going to be here soon!

Anywhoo, I wasted an entire day, drove an hour into New Jersey, got lost, got really mad at New Jersey, and got to my appointment 30 minutes late just to find out that I might as well just turn around and walk back out. But again, at least my consultant was very nice, but she kept going on and on about how she knew exactly which fashions I was talking about and that they were awesome and that it was a shame she didn't have them... Umm, yeah, all of thee above, stop talking about it!

I kinda' panicked when I got home and called my mom who was pretty much like "Well, I don't like them anyway." So I still have some convincing to do on that end, but regardless, I told her I was going to have to go to New York where the flagship store carries the current fashions (I know, I called them, I was very explicit!) and cancel my trip to Kleinfeld's because at this point, I'm just giving myself too many options and I'm being more indecisive that I've ever known myself to be.

Long story short, Vera Wang's only appointment open for the date I wanted was in the afternoon and I already had an appointment for Kleinfeld for the morning. So Kyle said "go to both! Duh!" So, for fun, we're going to spend a whole day in New York with the girls next Saturday! My mom and sister had to back out (which is sad, but understandable) but Mia and Keri will still be there and Kyle's mom will be there. Keri is going to be analytical and supportive, Mia will be impatient and blunt, and Kyle's mom will be blunt but supportive.

Now, I just have to figure out where all this money that Vera is going to cost me is going to come from...


  1. Never fear.....there's always streetwalking :p

  2. hey hey hey!!!! i have not backed out yet! when are you going exactly? saturday or sunday? Cuz I'm coming home the 17th I think...and i could drive to your house that night and go with you! cuz i like going shopping with you and mia, and keri it's fun! and i wanna spend as much time with you before i go to berlin cuz i'll miss you like crazy and i wont be able to help with anything for the wedding while i'm there (except maybe pick up some of that fancy paper for you that you ordered from germany). so yeahhhhhh...i'll call you tonight...maybe...