Thursday, December 2, 2010


We have a photographer!! I know, I know, I've dedicated so much time and blog space to this great debate, but it was a really difficult decision. In the end, I said to myself if it were just down to skill and/or experience, this would be an easy decision, so why am I having such a difficult time deciding? Because it went deeper than that.

This may sound cheesy, but when you go to decide who your wedding photographer will be, take into account that your pictures are going to turn out 100 times better if your chemistry with your photographer is solid!

So, here is a taste of what we told Ben we want our wedding to look like:
Only with a bride and a groom in the picture. I think he does a great job of finding the light and playing with processing a little, like this one:
In anyone else's mind, this is just a car in a field, but it's immediately more interesting to me because of how gritty the field looks, how the car isn't in the center of the shot, and how the sky part of the image is processed. I think he processes well and I'm really looking forward to seeing our final product.

Anyway, as stated a few posts ago, I'm trying on Vera wang dresses this weekend and I'm very very excited!! I have a relatively small list, compared with what I've tried on at salons in the past, so we'll be in and out and I'll have made up my mind, because as soon as they go on me, I'll know, and if they're not what I was hoping, that is OK, goodbye Vera! We will put our nose to the grindstone and find something better! Can you tell I'm pep talking myself? I'm freaking out!! But with excitement! I cannot wait!!!

Here's why: My huge decisions:

  • Venue... check!
  • Date... check!
  • Color scheme... check!
  • Photographer... CHECK!!
  • Dress..............
The importance of this is that my contentedness about this one day has all boiled down to these major decisions, and they're all made except for one!

Everything else is either an easier decision or not as crucial to me. In other words, if these things fall into place as I hope they will, absolutely anything else can happen and I'll still be a happy bride. We're soooo close!! I just have to stay sane for a few more days.............

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