Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pre-married life

I've got a funny story!!! I swore I wasn't going to post about this because I didn't take a picture this morning... but I'll just paint a picture for you.

Kyle exiled himself to the couch last night for the first time in our entire relationship. He stayed up till 2 AM last night playing video games and drinking beer and then fell asleep on the couch instead of coming up to bed!! I had gone to bed at 11:00, being no longer able to hang because I'm an old lady, and I woke up at 6:30 this morning with the bedroom lights on (I had left them on for him) and allllll alone! I wondered absurdly whether or not he was still playing video games, but decided to investigate. I threw on a robe and slippers and sneaked downstairs.

Good Lordy I wish I had taken a picture. But I will try to help you visualize: Picture a 6 foot 3 inch guy, laying face down on a couch with his arms hanging off one end of the couch and his feet hanging off the other, with blankets tangled around his feet and pillows spilling out all around his head, an eight pound Yorkie on his back, and a Jonas brothers concert on the TV. Ya'll, I had to cover the whole bottom half of my face with both hands to keep from busting out laughing. I think it might have been the shrill Jonas brothers that woke me up.

Needless to say, I turned off the TV, let the dog out, and covered up his feet. Then I went back to bed... It's one of my new favorite of our stories!!

But speaking of stories, I was asked to submit our story to a blog called So... How did you meet anyway? and the writer posted our story! Pretty cool right? I mean, our relationship origin has always been a touchy subject and it's something I don't think needs to be addressed here, but writing it for the blog entry was cathartic, I realized I had never really talked about it after the fact; now that we've been together so long I sometimes tend to forget the fact that our relationship might not have survived at all if we had not persevered in the beginning. The struggles we went through represent the basis for why our bond is so strong today!

Anywhooo, I promise more pictures and fun posts coming up!! I just thought our pre-married life story was too fun not to share!

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